The solar and energy storage park

At this early stage, we have not yet finalised the design of the project. This will be informed by considering the findings from the surveys we’re carrying out, alongside feedback provided through ongoing consultation.

We are in the process of determining how much of the land will be used for solar panels and associated equipment, and how much more will be set aside as zones for the purpose of creating new or enhancing habitats for biodiversity net gain.

The principal components of the solar and energy park are:

  • Ground mounted solar PV panels arranged in rows (known as tables) converting sunlight into electricity.
  • Solar PV array: A distinct group of PV tables which are grouped together.
  • PV module mounting structures.
  • Supporting infrastructure – inverters, transformers and switchgear – (known as power conversion stations) converting the direct current to alternating current and stepping up the voltage so it can be exported to the national grid.
  • The electricity generated by Fosse Green Energy is expected to be exported into the existing national electricity transmission system at a substation near to Navenby to be brought forward by National Grid.
  • An energy storage system so electricity imported from the grid network and generated by the solar PV panels can be stored on site and released to the national grid when it is needed most.
  • Security fencing, likely to be 2m in height to enclose the operational areas of the site, along with pole mounted internal facing closed circuit television (CCTV) deployed around the perimeter of the operational site.
  • Accesses to the site during construction and for routine maintenance when the energy park is operational.
  • New planting and landscaping to enhance biodiversity and improve the landscape.
  • Protecting the existing network of Public Right of Ways (PRoWs), comprising bridleways, footpaths and a byway.
  • Electricity export and connection into the National Electricity Transmission System.
  • During construction one or more temporary construction compounds will be required, as well as temporary roadways, to enable access to all the land within the site boundary.
How a solar and energy storgae park works
How a solar and energy storage park works. Click image to enlarge Pinch to zoom

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